Success is dependent on knowledge, skill and discipline
Success is dependent on knowledge, skill and discipline

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We seek long-term relationships and work together with entrepreneurs in computer vision, pattern recognition and wearable technology industry

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We focus on value chain enhancements, financing models as well as holistic market development strategies

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We have re-launched our website, so please take this opportunity to look around and get an impression of our company. We are here to support you with our comprehensive and technically competent advice.

Robin Hood Capital (RHC) and Partners offers business development services and/or act as incubators / angel investors across the general management, finance, private debt financing for start-up companies and entrepreneurs in the computer vision, digital media and high tech industry. 


RHC and Partners is a boutique set up and operates "virtually" with good reason - that keeps our costs down and yet gives us the ability to be flexible and to respond quickly to every issue from our clients. RHC decides with the client which experts will work on specific tasks needed for the projects.

The information contained in this website is provided by Robin Hood Capital Ltd. (RHC), and each visitor of this website agrees with the terms and conditions set out in the Impressum section.

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